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Crack repair 1

Exterior crack repair process

Posted Aug 31, 2020 in Foundation Crack Repair, Waterproofing

Exterior crack repairs are a great way to stop the leak before it can even get into the crack. This method saves the homeowner the expense of having to remove…

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Crack injection 1

Interior crack injections

Posted Aug 31, 2020 in Foundation Crack Repair, Waterproofing

Showing interior cracks that have never been repaired would be too easy. Let’s dive into the more challenging crack repairs, the previous homeowner’s DIY repair. We chose this particular crack…

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COVID-19 Company Update

Posted Mar 23, 2020 in Foundation Crack Repair

This is a difficult time for our world. It is with heavy hearts, but full understanding that we as Illinoisans, will follow the instruction of our Governor. We will be…

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Home exterior

Signs of foundation problems

Posted May 01, 2019 in Foundation Crack Repair, Waterproofing, Window Wells and Covers, Sump Pump Solutions, Bowing Walls, Crawlspace Encapsulation, Drain Tile System

Homeowners often wonder how to identify the different signs of foundation problems. It’s definitely a good question to ask. Here’s why – the longer you wait to treat visible signs…

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Foundation settling

Foundation or settling issue?

Posted Feb 21, 2019 in Foundation Crack Repair

Your home is your number one most valuable investment – so it makes sense that maintaining your home’s structural integrity is a high priority. When the structural integrity of a…

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Home for sale

Find hidden foundation problems before purchasing a home

Posted Sep 09, 2018 in Foundation Crack Repair, Waterproofing, Industry

You’re about to make the biggest purchase of your life. Are you ready? Before you invest your hard earned money on a new home, it’s important that your sure that…

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